♥ Cupcakes are ALWAYS a Good Idea ♥

Just this past weekend I went to Crave for a cup of coffee with my family -a nifty cupcake shop that serves your main lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, and  expressos. Believe it or not, the shop was promoting their Valentine’s specials and that sparked a brrrilliant idea: Crave cupcakes for my colleagues at the office!!

IMG_0366 2

I love going into the shop to stare at all of their exquisite and elaborate cupcakes -they’re all AMAAAZiNG! From your basic flavors chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, to your more unique velvet, coconut, and lemon, any Crave cupcake you eat, you will absolutely LOVE!  I kid you not… the flavor, the texture and the level of detail of each cupcake is ‘World Class!’ (as my boss would say).


Place your order today to have your customized cupcakes ready for V-Day! Remember to keep a balanced diet by holding a cupcake in each hand! I hope you and your friends, colleagues or whomever you share these delicious treats with enjoy them while sipping on  your favorite choice of coffee.


Spread the love with Crave cupcakes this Valentine’s Day!


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Coffee: The Miracle Drink!

Have you ever sat at work feeling so pumped and eager to start your day, and said: Nahhh I don’t need coffee today? Me neither!!!

Every morning I go into work, and the day doesn’t start until I’ve had my first cup of coffee. It’s warmth makes me feel calm, and ready to take on any craziness I have to deal with at the office; and its strength makes me feel like I can get everything and anything done efficiently. On average, I need (at least) two cups of coffee to get me through the day: one in the morning and another one right after eating lunch.

How do I take my daily coffee? Let me tell you… I do not drink the coffee served at the office (I can’t do it!). The first time I ever had a sip was the last I ever drank there. I’ve never been a fan of coffee brewed at any office, there’s something about it that just doesn’t taste right. Instead, I get a cup of hot water and mix it with Nescafe instant coffee, cinnamon powder, and some local honey. I know it’s crazy, but it tastes 101 times better than the coffee at work!

Never heard of Nescafe? Ask any Mexican -we all drink it! It’s a brand of coffee made by Nestle which is a Swiss company, and it’s very popular in Mexico! It’s SO easy to prepare and it tastes great. I know there are other good brands of coffee out there, but I grew up drinking Nescafe since I was young, my dad drinks it, my uncles drink it, even my abuela (RIP) used to drink it -apparently it’s generational! I guess it might be part of the Mexican culture (who knows?!).

The fact here is that four years ago I started contemplating the idea of eliminating coffee from my daily life (crazy -I agree!) to live a healthier lifestyle. You hear a lot of people say it’s bad for you, it causes insomnia or anxiety, and it can make your blood pressure skyrocket. So, I decided that before I took a step forward, I would do a little research of my own to make a more educated decision.

Note: I do not suffer from high levels of cholesterol, nor high blood pressure. Although, I do have family members that have suffered from minor heart attacks and have high blood pressure.

After reading articles published by reputable sources such as Harvard Medical School, Newsweek, Time, BBC and a couple others, I noticed they all arrived to the same conclusion:  Moderate (2-4 cups a day) coffee consumption has shown the results below in comparison to lower coffee intake:

  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases
  • Reduces the risk of death from liver cirrhosis
  • Reduces the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Decreases the risk of developing Diabetes Type 2
  • Decreases the risk of developing certain types of cancer

Other benefits are attributed to moderate coffee consumption according to Medical News Today.

At the end of my research, I decided I would continue to enjoy my coffee with moderation -as we already know, ALL extremes can be harmful. I personally drink 2-3 cups a day, and get plenty of sleep, do not suffer from anxiety, nor hypertension, nor blood pressure. I believe in the benefits the studies suggest, and will re-evaluate articles in the future to confirm studies continue to see the same or even more benefits from coffee consumption.

Remember we are all different; consumption will vary from person to person. Be aware of your limits and the effects that coffee has on you depending on your intake. By all means, I am not a certified nutritionist; I am only sharing with you my findings and my decision to keep drinking coffee.




Seefood Diet

Whoever likes to eat all types and kinds of food raise your hand and say “aye.” I love to eat food, and I don’t discriminate cuisine of any nationality -from Mexican and Tex-Mex (because I live in Texas) to Japanese, Indian or Chinese, I like them all thus far! My motto is: try everything at least once before your taste buds decide if you like it or not.

If i could eat all day without gaining an ounce, that would be one of my dreams come true! The reality is. . . I don’t have a super, MEGA, fast metabolism that allows me to eat every craving I have without facing any consequences. I am sure you’ve heard before “you are what you eat” (am I right???) so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake! (LOL). Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life, but we need to watch out what we eat and make sure we are incorporating into our daily diet the proper foods to keep our body healthy and develop a good immune system.

I will confess that eating fast, cheap, easy food is probably one of my favorites! Even more when binge watching my favorite Netflix series, socializing with friends, or attending fun events. But, I know eating pizzas, burgers, hot-dogs and other foods of this sort, won’t help me grow any taller and will definitely NOT improve my annual health assessment. However, to allow the foods I truly like into my diet, I try to keep a balance between healthy and naughty-foods (that’s what we’ll call them).

In future posts I will share with you some of my rules, tricks and practices I’ve established for myself to enjoy the best of both, healthy and naughty-foods. I will also share some of the meals I like to prepare, places I like to eat, and medicinal foods I like to include in my day to day eating habits.

By all means, I am not a nutritionist, I am just sharing what I’ve learned based on research and articles I’ve found (mostly on Google) related to food items I try to incorporate into my daily diet.

These are just my thoughts.