It’s a little confusing, but let me try explaining… I am a ‘chick-ana’ which means I was born from Mexican parents on U.S. soil. However, only one of my parents is Mexican, so I am not too sure if that disqualifies me from being a Chicana. I have dual citizenship -I am an Americana, but am also a very proud Mexicana, and I like enjoying the best from both worlds.

English is technically my first language because the first few words I articulated as a baby were in English; however, I consider Spanish my native tongue. I grew up speaking both, but I predominantly think, speak, and dream in Spanish. Writing essays for my English classes throughout my high school years was a very big challenge I learned to overcome with perseverance. All my teachers gave me the same feedback -they felt they were reading in Spanish, but I promise the essays were truly written in English (I swear!). They claimed the syntax of my sentences was all backwards, and to be honest till this day, I still say things backwards every now and then!  (I am piece of work in progress).

I grew up in a city called Morelia -about four hours away from Mexico City. I lived my childhood, and teenage-years there; during these formation years I developed my personality, and character all of which were influenced by my immediate surroundings -society, culture, tradition, and family, so I feel like I was “MADE in MEXICO.” I moved to the U.S. when I was fifteen and since then I graduated from high school, college, got an MBA, and am currently living adulthood.


I am a full-time employee working for corporate America; I work to enjoy the perks of life -eating, traveling, shopping, and living life to its fullest potential! I finally started this blog after talking to my family about it for a year and hope you will become inspired to live a happier, healthier, and more positive lifestyle through the experiences and best practices I share with you.

~~Things I Enjoy Doing~~

There are many things I like to do, but some of my main hobbies are: tennis (I love to play and watch it!), reading (self motivation books are my favorite type), cooking (it’s relaxing and serves as therapy on a stressful day), and traveling (one of my ultimate BIGGEST passions!).

~~Theories & Philosophies~~

You will soon learn that I love developing theories and philosophies about  the everyday life based on life patterns or cycles I’ve noticed throughout the course of the years. I have so many that I want to share with you -it’s hard to limit myself to share only one. This blog will enable me to share all of them (eventually!).

My main philosophy in life and the most important one (to me) is to live the happiest life possible! Eliminate negative people, comments, and thoughts; and always surround yourself with people who are smarter and better than you to continuously grow professionally and personally.

Start spreading positivity with those around you; become a risk taker; defy adversity; embrace rejection, and find solutions to the challenges life presents you.

 Always think, stay, and be positive!

~ Steph