Valentine’s: 3 Perfect Rose Colors for This Special Day

Whether your relationship status on Facebook is Married, Single, In a Relationship, It’s Complicated, or you don’t know what the heck is going on, flowers (more specifically roses) are always a GREAT present to gift that special someone!

To be honest, roses are a wonderful gift no matter the occasion -birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just because. All women, regardless of age, love to receive roses because they make us feel special! (I can see you nodding your head already!). Roses are a guaranteed smile; whether it’s one rose or one dozen roses, you can never go wrong!

Now that we are on the same page, and we agree that roses are a great gift, you might be wondering: “What color of roses should I gift to convey the right message?” Well… there are three main colors of roses that I will recommend you gift depending on your relationship status.

  1. Red Roses → are your classic roses for love and romance; they are universally symbolical for “true love” (how romantic!). So..  if your Facebook status is Married, or In Relationship, and you want to express a meaningful “I love You,” I highly suggest selecting this color for your pretty lady!
  2. Light Pink Roses → are associated with affection, as well as feelings of gratitude, appreciation, and happiness. If you’ve been “dating” someone (whatever that means nowadays), this color is a safe choice to leave a clear message that you like  the girl and would like to continue going out on more dates.
  3. Yellow Roses → are symbolical for friendship, joy and caring -appropriate to express appreciation and good wishes If your relationship status on Facebook is “Happily Single,” and you have many awesome girlfriends why not brighten their day with yellow roses!

JPEG image-9F4B9C880E41-1

Roses truly are the thought that counts! I hope this short rose color guide helped you figure out the color of roses you are gifting on this special day. It’s not too late yet to run to your nearest supermarket and buy some -so hurry!!!

I hope you have a very happy Valentine’s Day!

Best Wishes ♥


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