Valentine’s: Wine Not Try This?

Let me guess… You still don’t know what you’re doing for Valentine’s?!? Here’s an idea that you might like to consider! Whether you are in a serious relationship with yourself or you have a significant other, I think you’d agree that a winery tour would be a FUN-tastic idea to celebrate love and friendship!  (I know we are already on the same page -so cheers!)

When I say ‘winery’, what’s the first place that comes to mind? Is it… Napa Valley? (I knew it!! I used to think the same too!) Californian wineries always came first to my mind, until my boyfriend took me on a proper winery tour in a German-influenced town called Fredericksburg -this charming town located in the Texas Hill Country completely changed my perception about Texan wineries!

The Wine Tour

Obviously… the point of taking a wine tour is to taste all the wine you can drink! However, in order to get from one winery to the next to the following, you need a car. But if you drive a car, you’re not supposed to drink. This is a bit of a Catch-22 (isn’t it???). So, I bet you’re wondering: How the heck am I supposed to enjoy sipping on some wine,  if I need to be able to drive to the next winery? I mean… yeahhh… you could definitely appoint your best friend to be DD, but you and I both know that is out of the question! Let’s be honest people… who wants to be a DD at a wine tour?! NoOobody!!

The solution to this Catch-22 is: Take the 290 Wine Shuttle! There are over 45 vineyards in this area you can check out during your visit! Indeed, the number of options is a LITTLE overwhelming which can make it a bit hard to decide what wineries are worth visiting -the 290 Wine Shuttle visits thirteen of these wineries on its Saturday and Sunday tours. This ‘hop on-hop off’ shuttle offers an ALL-Day pass, starting as early as 10/11 a.m. and ending until 5/6 p.m. respectively (I recommend you maximize your tour by arriving 15 minutes early!). There are shuttles stopping every 15 minutes at each winery and you can stay as long as you’d like at each one of them. (I kid you not… This is a drink-athon; so be sure to keep up with your H2O!)


Whatever you do, do NOT miss out on these three wineries:

1. Grape Creek Vineyard should definitely be your very first stop since drop-offs are allowed up until 12 p.m. Be sure to become a VIP member -it really is a great deal! You get discounts on food, and bottles of wine, AND you get two free wine glasses.

BONUS: You also get two complimentary glasses of wine at their store in town. (My boyfriend and I thought it wouldn’t be worth it in the beginning, but let me tell you… it truly was! This winery was my favorite of all!).



2. Becker Vineyards is also a good choice to visit -they have beautiful flower beds which are good for taking cute pictures!!! (Just an FYI)


3. Wedding Oak Winery was another one I liked, too! This was a bit smaller and quieter location in comparison to the other two wineries, but very enjoyable and very nice to walk around.

I hope you are able to visit more than five wineries; we did the tour only one day. But heyyy. . .  if you’re feeling like a warrior, you should go on the tour a second day to finish visiting all thirteen wineries!

Need a Place to Stay?

We spent two nights at a lovely, rustic cabin ten minutes outside of town (an easy, quick drive) that my boyfriend booked through a property management company called Vacasa -pretty much something like Airbnb. This cabin was out in the middle of the wilderness; it was fully furnished and had two floors. The first floor had a small kitchen area and a cozy living room with a chimney to light up a real fire; the second floor had a king-size bedroom and a full bathroom. This bed & breakfast was perfect for a couple’s romantic getaway! But no worries. . . if you are celebrating Valentine’s with a group of friends, you can search for houses on Vacasa that can accommodate more than two guests.


Climb Enchanted Rock

If you had enough wine on day #1 and wake up without a hangover, I recommend climbing the mystical Enchanted Rock! This excursion is a perfect way to end your tour on a some-what healthy note.

The Enchanted Rock State Natural Area has several trails to explore with scenic views, geological wonders, and stunning beauty. This area has eight main points of interest of which we only had time to visit one (hopefully you can cover more ground than we did!).

We climbed the Summit Trail for a little over half a mile up to Enchanted Rock. This hike offers scenic views and tranquility all around -it is so peaceful, I am sure you will enjoy this moment of peace and silence!


Just so that you know… none of the pictures I took make justice to the amazing views of mother nature’s wonders.

If you’ve taken this trip before and have other recommendations, please feel free to share! This is definitely a trip worth taking more than once -especially when you’re just a drive away!

Safe Travels.


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