The DREAM Job.

About three years ago my boss asked each one us in our department what our dream job was -YES, you would be paid whatever salary your heart desired, and YES, you could afford to live whatever lifestyle you ever dreamed of! (Preeetty cool scenario, riiight?!)

Some answers were more intriguing than others like my colleague who said she wanted to be a truck driver because she enjoyed the silence and scenery the U.S. roads offer (I bet you never heard of anybody claiming that as their dream job, huh???). Other answers shared around the table were to become a movie star, a singer, or a professional athlete to enjoy the perks of sponsorships, fame and money. I said that my dream job would be to post photos, share experiences and best practices with others, and talk about things I love doing in my ordinary life. In other words. . . I said I wanted to be a blogger without knowing that’s what a blogger ultimately does. (Silly me. . .  I know!).

After almost one whole year of telling my family I wanted to start my blog, I am finally here -taking a step forward, and putting my thoughts into action. I look forward to sharing with you experiences and best practices of my everyday life, and hope you become inspired to conquer the world, live your dreams and challenge yourself to become a better and improved version of yourself! Throughout this journey remember to follow the sun, the moon, the stars, your dreams, your goals and your heart to find out where they take you! You’ll never know if you don’t give it a try.

~ Steph


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